Benefits of WHMCS for Linux Reseller Hosting Businesses in India


With the fastest-evolving demand for web hosting services in India, many people are inclined towards the reseller hosting business in order to generate additional revenue. This is because reseller hosting enables people to buy services & plans from the parent company to further simply resell them at a higher price. Consequently, they earn a profit margin without requiring to construct the data center services and administer servers. All they require is a dependable Internet connection, good knowledge about the industry, and compelling marketing strategies. Under the reseller hosting business, you can work from anywhere across the world while targeting any audience.

However, the most challenging aspect for you as a reseller is to manage and sustain the clients’ & customers’ data. This is where the WHMCS fits aptly. It helps you manage your entire Linux Reseller Hosting business in India, stay updated, save time and money, and eliminate all manual work.

Via this guide, you will acquire insights into the concept and significance of WHMCS with the reseller hosting business. In addition, you’ll receive highlights from the best and most steadfast hosting provider – Hostbillo’s Linux web hosting services & facilities in India. Continue reading in order to gather all the essential details.

What is WHMCS?

WHMCS is a short form employed for Web Hosting Manager Complete Solutions. It is not just a solution that lets you manage hosting services, there is much more to that. It serves as a comprehensive client management solution. With WHMCS, you can readily automate billing, administer clients’ & customers’ data, design & control accounts data, and much more.

You can therefore conclude that the web host management complete solution provides a one-stop-shop for efficiently managing all of your business and its users’ data, as well as accounts. Under Linux reseller hosting in India, WHMCS allows you to automate every manual process. It offers exhaustive management of your business users and automation rules that further leave you with more time & effort on your hands.

Best Benefits of Using WHMCS for Linux Reseller Web Hosting India

The following are the incredible Benefits of WHMCS for Linux Reseller Hosting in India, Let’s get a rapid glimpse at them!

Security & Privacy

WHMCS renders high-end and utmost reliability. It enables you to attain security alerts, invalid login attempt protection, and up-to-date features. You can rely on WHMCS to protect your Indian reseller hosting business from many security threats.

Data Manager

With the WHMCS, you can manage and administer all the data associated with your clients & customers with ease in one space. It lets you access the dashboard that comprises all the details about your clients & customers.


Under the Linux reseller hosting India, you can automate the routine manual work using WHMCS. WHMCS can be set to automatic in order to have your daily activities managed, for instance, Domain Reminder Settings, Credit Card Charging Settings, Data Retention Settings, etc.


Every Indian Linux reseller hosting business has different sets of requirements. So, the default configuration of WHMCS can not work for all. However, WHMCS provides you with various options for customization. For instance, you can effortlessly customize your modules, hosting settings, themes, and other features as and when needed.

Get WHMCS As an Add-on Facility with Hostbilo’s Linux Reseller Hosting Plans in India

Hostbillo is considered an industry-leading and trustworthy web hosting company. It has earned numerous reputable awards for effectively meeting the demands & needs of diverse businesses globally. The company renders excellent plans for Linux Reseller Hosting in India at the cheapest possible pricing. Further, each plan lets you acquire WHMCS licensing along with flexible & easily scalable resources. Also, you receive the support of enterprise-grade infrastructure, resilient system tools, and ultimate security measures to make your business function seamlessly. Here are some hyper-scale hosting features you gain for your online business with Hostbillo’s cheap Linux reseller hosting India –

  • Unlimited domains & subdomains
  • Access to unlimited bandwidth
  • 24/7/365 Technical & customer assistance via specialists
  • 7 Days credit back assurance
  • At least 99.90% uptime guarantee
  • Highest connectivity and secure network channels
  • Easy data migration services
  • Email services
  • Automated data backup facilities
  • Free SSL certificate and much more.

How Does It Work As a Complete Web Hosting Management Solution for Resellers?

You can execute, acquire or do the following things with the WHMCS under your Linux reseller web hosting India business –

  • Client management
  • Order Management
  • Product Management
  • Manage Domains
  • Easy Integration
  • Server management
  • Activity logs
  • Web Hostings
  • Invoice Administration
  • Transactions and Payments
  • Support & Assistance


Having the best Linux reseller hosting with WHMCS allows you to boost the profitability of your reseller hosting business in India. It lets you attain high flexibility, robust security, easy customizability, quick resource scalability, and many other high-grade executive hosting privileges.

Further, you can confidently reach out to the Hostbillo web hosting company for buying cheap Linux reseller hosting in India that comes with cutting-edge facilities. The company guarantees superior customer support, the fastest web connectivity, and the most advanced technologies with all its Linux hosting reseller plans for Indians.

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