Action Camera Flashlight – Litra Torch Vs Viltrox VL-162T and Movo LED-WP

The Litra Torch is a great action camera flashlight, but which one is best? Below, we’ll compare the Litra Torch with the ULANZI VL81 and Viltrox VL-162T. In addition, we’ll explain why we love the Movo LED-WP so much. And finally, we’ll discuss the best action camera flashlights in general. Read on to learn more! The best action camera flashlight should be lightweight and compact, shock-resistant, and able to provide hours of brilliant lighting.

Litra Torch

The Litra Torch is a high-quality, compact flashlight designed especially for use with action cameras. It is a versatile tool that provides a wide beam of light to illuminate almost anything in its vicinity. The wide beam can even be used to light up a small room, with a beam angle of around 80 degrees. This flashlight has an integrated diffuser for even more light, and the housing includes 1/4-20 UNC female industry threading.

The LitraTorch 2.0 Action Camera Flashlamp has an 80 degree beam angle for a remarkably wide field of view. The LitraTorch is waterproof and offers two built-in 1/4”-20 mounting holes. It also features a slip-on diffusion and a magnetic base for attaching it to your camera. It is shock and water-resistant to four feet and 60 feet. It is a great addition to any action camera and is compatible with a variety of popular cameras.


An action camera flashlight can make your next night time adventure a little safer. While many are waterproof, you must also make sure the flashlight is waterproof to a certain depth. It is also crucial to choose one with a high lumen rating. This feature helps you take better pictures and videos. But be warned that some action camera flashlights can get quite hot when in use. If you need to be able to use them underwater, you will need a flashlight with high lumens.

The ULANZI VL81 is a versatile action camera flashlight that uses two types of LED beads. The color temperature can be adjusted to suit your shooting needs, and the flashlight is also water-resistant. It also has three cold shoe mounts and a CRI of 95. It is also very compact and lightweight, and can be easily attached to most DSLR cameras. The ULANZI VL81 is a great choice for anyone who needs a high-quality action camera flashlight.

Viltrox VL-162T

The Viltrox VL-162T action video flashlight is the perfect accessory for those interested in nighttime videography. It comes with 162 LEDs, adjustable brightness, and CRI95+. This action camera flashlight is also a rechargeable battery with two USB charging ports and a dimmer switch to adjust brightness and angle of illumination. The flashlight also has a CCT mode and four filter capabilities, making it suitable for use with a variety of camera brands.

This action camera flashlight features 162 LEDs that can be dimmed by adjusting brightness levels. It also has a diffuser, which makes the light look more natural. A rechargeable lithium battery inside the flashlight makes it easy to charge. It can last for about 30 minutes of non-stop video recording. Moreover, it has a USB charging port and comes with a cable. This lightweight device is perfect for outdoor activities.


The Movo LED-WP action camera flashlight has a 400-lumen output and a wide-angle lens. It is very lightweight and waterproof, and is water-resistant up to 147 feet. Its screw hole makes it compatible with most types of action cameras. In addition, the flashlight is compatible with most types of action cameras. In addition, it has three brightness settings and is designed to be portable.

The Movo LED-WP action camera flashlight has an integrated USB power supply. The USB charging cord provides ample power to the light. Its waterproofness is up to 33 feet and the flashlight itself is small enough to be carried with you. It emits 700 lumens of white light and has a white diffuser for optimal visibility. It has three brightness levels – high, medium, and low – and a USB charging cord.

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